These tasty things can be made from leftover cake

Many types of cakes are made on Christmas, but they are tasted till the time the party takes place. After that no one likes to eat cake. In such a situation, if you are left with no way but to throw the leftover cake. So we have brought for you some such tips, using which you can make many delicious things from the leftover cake.

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leftover cake Method

  • Custard pudding is made quite tasty from the remaining cake. For this, boil milk in a pan, make a solution by taking a spoonful of custard powder and a little milk in a bowl. Put it in milk and cook till it becomes thick. Now break the pieces of the remaining cake and put it in it and serve it by adding dry fruits on top.
  • Kids will love the cake truffles. Put the pieces of cake in a grinder jar and grind it. Then take out in a bowl and add vanilla essence and make small laddus. Keep it in the fridge to set. If desired, dip these laddoos by melting the chocolate.
  • Cake cookies are also a good option. Mash the remaining cake in a bowl. Make laddus from them. Make a batter by adding egg, flour, baking soda, chocolate chips, butter, vanilla essence in a vessel. Dip the laddoos in this batter and bake them in a preheated microwave for 12-15 minutes. Enjoy the prepared cookies with tea.
  • Cake shake can also be made from leftover cake. Make a shake by putting cake, ice cream and milk in a grinder jar. Add dry fruits to it and serve.
  • Cake pops are a great idea to use up leftover cakes. Not much to do in this, just grind the cake in a grinder and mix it with butter cream or cheese cream and serve it by making balls.
  • Mash the remaining cake and put it in any favorite pudding. Add dry fruits, cherries and make a layer by adding cream and keep it in the fridge to set. Serve the finished cake truffle.

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